Destroyed 1934 BUGATTI SportsCar - Enchanting Restoration

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Description: This Video is Specially for Classic Car Lovers Because in this Video, I restored an antique Bugatti 1934 Type 59 Model car, Due to a lot of Requests about this Car. I Added some new Techniques in this Video and I hope U'll like my EFFORT ! Also Tell me about the Paint Quality and the Final results in the Comment Box.

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Chapters :
0:00 Intro
0:39 Disassembly
1:38 SandBlasting
2:12 Denting
3:18 Casting
4:23 Sanding
5:24 Drilling
5:36 Powder Coating Paint
7:15 Chassis Paint Job
8:06 Plastic Parts Cleansing
9:24 Plastic Parts Painting
9:49 HydroGraphics
10:36 Silver Touching
11:08 Chrome Residues Removing
12:11 Chrome Plating
12:45 Rust Removal
13:24 Iron Bluing
13:46 UltraSonic Cleaning
15:33 SelfMade Light Circuit
15:37 Assembly :)

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