the year 2012 in Domino

Duration: 4:05 Views: 20K Submitted: 11 years ago
Description: Have fun with 60000 Dominos witch I build up under the topic "The Year 2012".
The Year 2012 is over and so I build in 60000 Dominos some project with the highlights of the year! I hope you have much fun with this video!
January: 10 birthday of the Euro
February: Oscars (one for Verblendung)
March: 26. Cebit
April: earthquake in Sumatra
May: Eurovision Song Contest
June: European Football Championchip
July: 30. Olympic Games
August: Expo
September: 19 persons died in an airplain accident
October: Felix Baumgarnter's Wourld Record (a jump of 39km high)
November: third World Champion Chip winner Sebastian Vettel (Formel 1)
December: End of the World? No! Happy new Year
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Planing, Building, Filming, Edditing: Johannes